ST. LOUIS – Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have something new to “yak” about this week.

The newest addition at Grant’s Farm in St. Louis is named after the Super Bowl LVII Champs.

The attraction says “KC” was born on Feb. 12, also known as Super Bowl Sunday.

KC currently weighs 30 pounds and consumes a gallon of milk per day, according to Grant’s Farm. KC will enjoy a diet of mother’s milk and nutritional formula, which is different than the diet of grasses and herbs with occasional wildflowers, mosses, tubers and lichens it would feed on in the wild.

Once full grown, KC is expected to weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

“We’re excited to welcome the newest member of our growing family of animals at Grant’s Farm with the birth of KC the yak,” Craig Thomas, Grant’s Farm Animal Curator, said. “Both mother and baby are doing fine, and we are eager for guests to meet him and watch him grow up.”

KC will be part of the new Animal All Star Lunch and Meet and Greet experience next month. Tickets are available at

Grant’s Farm will open for the season April 15.