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MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – The football Rams left St. Louis following the 2015 season, but the lingering bitterness is still visible. Fans watching the NFC Championship game at The Post Sports Bar & Grill were hoping the team owned by Enos Stan Kroenke would see its season come to an end Sunday.

“Go 49ers,” said sports fan Ryan Murphy.

The NFL and Los Angeles Rams paid St. Louis and other plaintiffs in the region $790 million after agreeing to settle a lawsuit over the relocation of the team.

“People will always root against them just because of the way that they left,” said San Francisco 49ers fan Alex Rivera. He believes the Rams never intended on staying in St. Louis even though fans supported the team.

“I definitely feel like I have to root against them,” sports fan Brad Cox said.

Fans watching the game on television noticed there were large numbers of 49ers fans that helped fill up the Rams’ home stadium.

“There’s a lot of red in that stadium,” Murphy said.

The Rams defeated the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 20-17 and will now face the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl.

“I’m definitely going to be rooting for the Bengals,” Cox said.