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WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. – Summer shopping in St. Louis? Local businesses could be your destination for just about anything from everyday essentials to novelty items.

Yelp is celebrating St. Louis’ local business footprint as the company recently released its “Top 25 Places to Shop in St. Louis” list. The newly-released rankings are part of an all-time list, highlighting some of the region’s finest and most unique stores.

A research team ranked 25 local businesses in the St. Louis metropolitan area based on several factors, including the quantity and quality of reviews via Yelp. The organization says “you’ll see your obvious local favorites on the list, but it’s also chock full of hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path joints.”

The top spot on the list belongs to Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop in Webster Groves. Fresh brews and potted plants are a point of pride for the venue, which opened in 2018 at 803 Marshall Avenue.

“Nature is an experience we simply can’t have too often,” says Maypop on its website. “Whether you build more wildness into your yard, your apartment, or just your daily coffee break, we think you’ll notice a positive impact.”

Webster Groves had three other businesses recognized in the new list, including The Hub Bicycle Company, The Novel Neighbor and Civil Alchemy.

Businesses highlighted in the list include the following:

1. Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop (Webster Groves)

2. The Hill Cigar Company (The Hill)

3. Flowers To The People (St. Louis Hills)

4. Running Niche (Botanical Heights)

5. The Hub Bicycle Company (Webster Groves)

6. Left Bank Books (Central West End)

7. Herbaria (The Hill)

8. Provenance Soapworks (St. Charles)

9. The Novel Neighbor (Webster Groves)

10. Maplewood Bicycle (Maplewood)

11. Zee Bee Market (South Grand)

12. Big River Running Company (Macklind)

13. Charles P Stanley Cigar Bar (Downtown)

14. Sammysoap (Kirkwood)

15. Vintage Vinyl (The Loop)

16. Dapper Gents (Ladue)

17. Third Degree Glass Factory (Debaliviere Place)

18. Civil Alchemy (Webster Groves)

19. The Green Shag Market (Cheltenham)

20.  Urban Matter (South Grand)

21. Gran Cru Cigars (Soulard)

22. Always in Bloom (Lindenwood Park)

23. Cursed Bikes & Coffee (University City)

24. Mystic Valley (Maplewood)

25. Happy Up (Clayton)