Yoga while immersed in Beyond Van Gogh


ST. LOUIS – Doing yoga in the middle of a painting surrounded by exquisite works of art. This is the experience St. Louisans are getting while the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit is here in St Louis.

Yoga Buzz has partnered with Beyond Van Gogh to offer yoga classes each Thursday morning while paintings move about on the walls on all sides of you. The classes have been sold out but there are openings for December.

It is a rare opportunity to incorporate being mindful and present in the yoga experience while vivid colors move about the room. The classes are the least number of people you’ll ever see at one time during the public exhibit.

Yoga Buzz is a nonprofit that offers pop-up yoga classes in unique places. Organizers hope it gets more people interested in yoga.

You can buy tickets for Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m. at

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