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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – The You Paid For It Team called to spotlight a strange ordeal for a St Charles County homeowner. The city of St. Peters is taking him to court, accusing him of having too many sunflowers in his front yard.

Homeowner Chris Bank says he’s not giving up without a fight and called in Fox 2’s Elliott Davis to take a look at this not-so-happy deal. Bank planted a front yard full of sunflowers, saying he wanted to bring a little joy in the face of the pandemic and so much other bad news.

But not everyone was happy about the flowers. He started getting letters from the city of St. Peters, saying the sunflowers had to go or else the city would take him to court. The city said they had gotten some complaints about the flowers.

 After Bank refused to cut down the sunflowers, a court date was set.

City Spokeswoman Lisa Bedian says the ordinance states you have to have a specific ratio of grass to flowers. She says the homeowner fell short. But she admitted no one had actually gone on his property and measured the grass in his yard.

Bank has now appeared in court. The judge had him and the city see if they could work things out. St. Peters wasn’t having it.

St. Peters is now taking Bank to trial over the sunflower saga. The case will be heard on Nov. 16.

Bank says he can’t believe St Peters is expending all this time and taxpayers’ resources on sunflowers in the midst of a pandemic and all the other ills in the area.