Young Biz Kidz Day celebrates young entrepreneurs


ST. LOUIS – Young Biz Kidz Day is for kids to celebrate their entrepreneurial spirit.  

“We got kids’ clothes. We got bows. We got these purses, and then she’s selling these bracelets,” said Samaya Mopkins with Almost Twins Creations.  

Kids say the event is a great way to learn more and grow their ideas.

“Our key things are we help you learn to make money manage money and ultimately invest the money that you make,” Event Founder Arriel Biggs said.  

The first Young Biz Kidz Day kicked off Saturday morning to the delight of more than 50 paper chasers looking to build their businesses and brands. 

Young Biz Kidz Day encourages leadership and financial literacy, which Mikey Wren says are important in running a business.  

“It feels pretty good knowing that I’m set up for my future and that it’s up to me. Only thing I have to do is execute,” Wren said. 

He started selling lemonade and used that money to buy a vending machine. Now, he owns more than 10 vending machines and is thinking about his next move while selling his book at Young Biz Kid Day.  

“Me getting into real estate, I need to save money I need to plan for my future,” Wren said.  

Kaionta Dabney’s mother encouraged him to start his own business early. He says Young Biz Kidz Day is a great experience that serves as a step toward his future goals and endeavors as owner of Keychain Karnival.  

Along with keychains, he’s found a way to write. 

Dabney said his book is about “math discovery through Keychain Karnival, which is on Amazon, where it’s going to teach you five basics of fractions, decimals, percentages, measurements and geometry, and learn that from making a keychain.” 

Biggs says she is proud of the kids and is excited for what’s next.  

“Businesses are born out of St. Louis every day, so these kids that you see are the next generation of entrepreneurs that will be born out of St. Louis,” she said.  

“You’re looking at them now, you’re looking at them early.” 

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