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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Could St. Louis be getting closer to picking a spot for a potential MLS stadium?

The Missouri Department of Transportation is in talks with the city to sell 30 acres of land right next to Union Station.

No one has said for sure that would be the site of a MLS stadium if they were to come to St. Louis, but the area by Union Station has been discussed as a possible location.

In a meeting last month, the Missouri Highway and Transportation Committee authorized MODOT to enter into negotiations with the City of St. Louis for an area of land by 22nd Street and the Interstate 64 interchange.

Some land within this area has been mentioned as a potential spot for an MLS stadium.

Alex Ihnen, who writes for the blog nextSTL, follows land use in the city closely. Even though it was never said specifically by MoDOT or the city, he believes this could be their first step in choosing a spot for an MLS stadium.

“Going back three to four years ago, we know through different conversations with the city and potential investors that they have looked at that site for a stadium over and over again,” Ihnen said. “There have been other hints and winks that this is the site the city is focused on and this is the site where MLS would be happy to see as a soccer stadium.”

Ihnen said this spot would be good because it would put three major sport stadiums all along Clark Street, something that would make St. Louis unique compared to other cities.

The organization MLS2STL has been focused on that exact spot in a few renderings. They did not have a comment on the land negotiations.

The chief of staff for Mayor Francis Slay told Fox 2 News that the city had been  working with a local ownership group to hear its ideas. She had no comment on the land in question but said they were hopeful their work will lead to an MLS franchise coming to St. Louis.