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ST. LOUIS–The current treasurer of Missouri’s Republican party says the GOP risks losing credibility as a “family values” party if Eric Greitens wins the nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Pat Thomas made the comments in her personal capacity in a statement posted to Twitter Wednesday.

Thomas said the allegations of domestic abuse leveled at the former Governor by his ex-wife raise questions about his values and moral character and that Greitens has “serious personal issues that need to be resolved before he should be elected to any office.”

Greitens has denied the charges made by Sheena Greitens. “If there was a shred of truth to any of this then why over two years ago would my ex-wife, the mediator, and court all decide what’s in the best interest of kids is to spend the majority of their free time with me,” Greitens told FOX2’s Vic Faust in an interview last week. The Greitens campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thomas’ statement.

Before the abuse allegations, Republicans worried that Greitens, who resigned as Governor in 2018 after an extra-marital affair led to a state legislative investigation and a criminal probe, could put a reliably safe GOP seat in jeopardy in November.

Thomas told FOX2 Wednesday that she has not yet publicly backed any candidate in the Senate primary. When asked if she would support the party’s nominee in November, Thomas said she would wait until after the August 2 primary.