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ST. LOUIS – Now that the snow has stopped there is an all-out effort to get roadways as clear as possible on both sides of the river for the Tuesday morning commute.

MoDOT and IDOT workers said crews have been plowing all night long, but many roads are still at least partially snow-covered.

MoDOT is warning people Tuesday morning to stay home and off the roads if at all possible. Officials said they have had full crews working 12 hours shifts since Sunday afternoon. That means about 200 trucks out clearing roadways. Officials said blowing snow is a real problem. Trucks plow an area then the powdery snow that fell during the storm just blows back over where crews just plowed making the area still hazardous for drivers.

Another treacherous area according to MoDOT is entrance and exit ramps. Crews are working those areas but when main lines are cleared some of the snow stacks up on the ramps and some cars have been getting stuck in those areas.

Joe Monroe with IDOT said he had about 150 trucks out overnight plowing. He hopes to ramp that up around 6:00 a.m. Tuesday.

An IDOT worker said some roads are in better shape than others and drivers are going to need to be very careful if they need to head out Tuesday morning.