ST. LOUIS – When snow and ice are in the forecast, the Missouri Department of Transportation pays extra attention. The same goes when the heat cranks up.

“We’re big on the safety of our employees,” said Joe Moore, Safety and Health Manager for MoDOT’s St. Louis District

MoDOT gets a notification on upcoming heat from the National Weather Service.

“We actually sent a warning out Monday morning, explaining to our employees about how they should maybe adjust their work schedules,” said Moore. “Think about the planned work they have today or this week.”

Projects are scheduled months to years in advance and must stay on track to ensure driver safety. If things get too dangerous, crew leaders have the authority to call it a day.

“We talk about cold weather, hot weather,” said Moore. “It doesn’t matter the safety situation, our staff has the ability to stop, reassess, and come back later to finish the job so we can keep everybody safe.”

For those who are working, the plan for the week may change.

“We’ve asked our employees to change their operations this week to do less strenuous,” said Moore. “Maybe do operations that involved fully mechanized equipment, where we can get in cab tractors or do some additional mowing.” 

MoDOT provides workers with plenty of water, sports drinks, cooling neck wraps, and more.

“We even have popsicles. The crews seem to like those popsicles,” said Moore.

No matter the weather, MoDOT is working to make roads better for all. They hope drivers will also look out for them.

“Really pay attention to our crews, especially this week with the excessive heat,” said Moore. “They are dealing with those added pressures. Make sure you are watching out for us and watching out for others on the road.”