MoDOT Plans to Patch Potholes In 24 Hours of Report

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The Missouri Department of Transportation announced Monday they are cooling down the snow plows and firing up their pothole patrol.

“The rain and the change in temperature really make the potholes blossom in the spring,” said MoDOT District Engineer Ed Hassinger.

If drivers see a pothole, officials want a call immediately. They even take Facebook posts and tweets.  They say they have been working on an immediate fix, too.  For instance if you call in a pothole on your way to work, crews will hit the street as soon as possible.

"It will be every effort we can do to get that patched by the time you go to work the next day,” Hassinger explained.

And, Monday’s announcement wasn't just about potholes.  It was also offering a critical reminder to drivers.

"Make sure that you watch out for us on the road,” Hassinger asked.  "So if you see these guys out there, give them some space.  There's going to be people on the pavement patching those potholes.  And, we want to make sure they're safe and go home safe every night."

Until the calls come, crews will still keep a close eye out for any craters.

“We've been out, trying to find them ourselves.  And now, we're looking for the stragglers we haven't found.” Hassinger said.  "So, if you can help us we can get those all lined up and get those fixed. Let's get this done, and then we can move on to all the other things we've got to do."

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