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ST. LOUIS – Winter weather is in the forecast and Missouri Department of Transportation workers in the St. Louis area are in the middle of a two-day Winter Drill.

The drill gives employees a chance to check out their snow routes and make sure the equipment for their trucks is in good condition.

During a storm, as many as 200 trucks and plows will be on the St. Louis area roads.  During a 24 hour period 450 workers will be out and about clearing roads and highways making the safe. There are 6,400 miles of roads in the St. Louis district.

The state spends about $45 million a year fighting snow storm.

The St. Louis district has 30,000 tons of salt on hand and quickly orders more if needed. The salt is carried by barge from Louisiana.

Missouri Department of Transportation crews are using a new product this year called Ice Ban. They spray it on the salt before filling up trucks.

Ice Ban gives the salt a boost so ice and snow melt at lower temperatures.