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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Hundreds of demonstrators made their voices heard as they marched through the heart of Ferguson ending up at the Ferguson police department. Some protesters wound up being arrested.

The march called Faith in Ferguson was organized by clergy from around St. Louis and around the country. It was part of what is being called “Moral Monday” and is wrapping the last day of the Weekend of Resistance. Protesters have been marching in various activies all weekend long demonstrating against what they call police brutality in instances like the Michael Brown case.

Demonstrators started marching from the Wellspring Church a little after 10am this morning. The large group marched a couple of blocks down South Florissant to the Ferguson Police Department. The demonstrators blocked part of South Florissant during their march then congregated in the police department parking lot where law officers met them.

A pastor laid down on the ground and demonstrators drew a body outline around him similar to what you see at some police crime scenes. There were chants and then clergy members actually asked police to take part in confession. Some officers talked with the clergy about their concerns while other officers for the most part stayed quiet.

Everything was peaceful until some of the protesters started moving toward the police department and past a police line. Officers tried to hold protesters back. But, that was not totally successful.

Six people were arrested in Ferguson protests for refusal to disperse, 13 arrested for peace disturbance.  Police demonstrators, “Told police officers on scene multiple times they wanted to get arrested.”