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ST. LOUIS – A mother and her 2-year-old son are dead after being shot and killed inside their home overnight. Their family and friends are speaking out about the tragedy.

Investigators say those responsible for the murders remain at large and they are still gathering information about the crime. Residents say they heard around 7 gunshots when the gunman forced his way into the victim’s home and opened fired.

There was grief and heartbreak as toys were still visible on the front lawn of the home. The victims’ family identified the mother as 18-year-old Trina A’moir and her son 2-year-old Caden. Family and friends still trying to come to grips with the tragedy.

According to police, the shooting all unfolded around midnight in the 5900 hundred block of Ferris in north St Louis.

The suspect first shot the young mother and then shot and killed her toddler.

“Very upset, the child I consider him my cousin and for them to go in and kill him and the mother at the same time, even if they were looking for someone I feel like there was no way you should take a baby’s life regardless who you looking for,” said Joe Scott.

Reportedly after the deadly shooting the gunman jumped into a car and sped away leaving the victims’ family and residents to wonder why two lives cut short too soon.

Anyone with information regarding the double homicide is urged to contact CrimeStoppers 1-866-371 TIPS (8477). All calls are anonymous.