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NORMANDY, MO (KTVI)– A mother in the Normandy School District says she’s being forced to sit in class every day with her 4th grader. And if she doesn’t, he will not be allowed to go to school.

Veronica Williams says she went to school with her son for awhile, but can’t afford to do so anymore for fear of losing her job.

She says when she stopped going to class her son was kicked out of school and he hasn’t been back in over a week.

Veronica Williams says she can’t believe an administrator at Barack Obama Elementary said her 10-year-old son cannot return to school unless she or another adult sits in class with him every day.

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It’s frustrating. It’s stressful. It’s ridiculous. I done it for two weeks”, said Williams.

Williams’ partner, Tiara Newlon, says she also went to school with the 4th grader who’s accused of disrupting class.

“They say he talks back and fights. They’re saying his behavior is out of control. We told them we don’t have this problem at home. It’s only at school,” said Newlon.

The day her son returned to school without adult supervision, Williams says he was suspended and she was given an ultimatum.

“They told me for the simple fact if an adult don’t come sit with him he cannot come to school. I was willing to do anything with the school. Whatever type of help they were trying to give and I’m still trying to do it, but as far as someone having to sit in school with him is ridiculous.”

Williams is a single parent and says she has to work to support her family. She says her son does not have behavioral issues and should be allowed to go to school unsupervised like other children. “I would like for my son to be in school.”

Because of privacy laws the Normandy School District can’t release information about students.

However, Chief Administrative Officer Phillip Boyd released a statement saying in part:

“We are committed to providing students with the most productive and safe learning environment possible.

We have the responsibility to ensure that the entire learning community is safe for all parties and not disrupted.”

Williams insists her son does not have behavioral issues.

No word on when or if he’ll be allowed back in school without adult supervision.