Mother Of Abandoned Child Is Still Missing

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BRECKENRIDGE HILLS, MO (KTVI) -Her baby was found safe and sound inside a Breckenridge Hills apartment complex on Friday but not one has yet to hear from Ebony Jackson-Shelton.

She was seen in East St. Louis last week visiting friends.  Breckenridge Hills police want to hear from anyone who had contact with her.

So far their investigation has turned up no evidence that Jackson-Shelton was ever in Breckenridge Hills even though her baby was left within the city's limits.

Relatives are growing in their desperation for a break in the case.

"They are still frantic," said family spokesperson Linda Lawson.  "Every minute that passes we know is more and more critical."

Lawson and police encourage anyone with information to contact investigators.  Jackson-Shelton was driving a white, Mitsubishi Eclipse with Colorado plates.

Monday afternoon St. Louis Metropolitan police spotted a car that matched the description but it turned out to belong to someone else.

Police have looked over surveillance video from businesses near where the baby was left but so for there are no signs of the missing mother.

Lawson says Jackson-Shelton made a phone call last week indicating she was in Farivew Heights, IL and was with a friend.  No one knows who that friend is.

Jackson-Shelton indicated she was going to visit a cousin in St. John.  She never made it there.  

"We've contacted multiple agencies not only in the St. Louis County area but statewide to assist us in this investigation," said Breckenridge Hills Det. Sgt. Jeff Heisse.

Family members are pleading with the public for help.

"Imagine if this were your sister or your daughter," said Lawson. "You would want someone to help find your loved one."

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