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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The mother of a man shot and killed by St. Louis police after he came at them with a knife is speaking out.

She claims that police did not have to shoot and kill her son.

Kejeme Powell’s mother and supporters talked to the public and media.

Powell was shot and killed this past Tuesday by two St. Louis Police officers in an incident outside a market.

A memorial has been set-up for 25-year-old Kejeme Powell, the man shot and killed by St. Louis police. The memorial is not too far from where the protests have been happening for Michael Brown.

In an effort to be totally transparent, St. Louis police Chief Sam Dotson released cell phone video and 911 recordings of the shooting.

Police say Powell went into the Six Star Market here twice and stole items.

When police arrived at the scene, Powell had already put down the items.

Investigators say Powell was acting erratically walking back and forth.

Police say Powell moved toward the officers holding a knife saying shoot me now and kill me now.

The officers told Powell to put down the knife, but Powell did not drop the weapon and kept coming toward the officers.

That`s when both officers opened fire.

Powell was pronounced dead at the scene.

His mother and the others here who are all part of the Israel United in Christ Church believe police could have taken another approach.