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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Rochelle Cook has watched the riots in Ferguson unravel while mourning the death of her daughter Aniya. The 18-year -old was murdered in 2012 while sitting in a car in St. Louis. Cook says while there`s a big focus on Ferguson and police brutality these days, black on black crime should not get lost in the shuffle. Cook is also frustrated because she recently reached out to community leaders to participate in her annual march against crime and got no response.

‘What angers me the most is the community leaders, religions leaders where were you when I sent you an email to march with us it hurts. We are all hurting since we don`t have our children anymore.’ Said Cook

FOX 2 asked James Clark of Better Family Life about why more people were compelled to embrace the Ferguson protests. Clark also says the solution to black on black crime is to connect with young people on the street.

‘They have felt for years that they had no power, now they see they can make the whole world listen. Now we have to move and stop the black on black violence and disrespect. There`s a certain type of leadership that comes from the neighborhood.  There is a tier of neighborhood leadership that we have to embrace.  It`s was not traditional leaders that kicked this off it was people from the streets that kicked this off.’ Said Clark

As the events in Ferguson evolve, unfold and gain momentum. Rochelle cook is hoping a movement in honor of her daughter called ‘The Team Naiya Movement’ will do the same.

‘We cannot lose this opportunity and deal with the issue of black on black crime. We need the Michael Browns to step up right now and say I will work in my neighborhood to stop crime and violence that`s who we need right now.’ Clark said.

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