MS5: The mysterious Russian Dolls are unveiled during The Fiesty 5 episode; semi-finals next week


ST. LOUIS – We’re getting down to the wire! The Fiesty 5 brought a lot to the table tonight, but sadly, The Russian Dolls were eliminated.

Every week there has been a special clue for both us at home and the panel judges. This week, our clue was a letter sent to celebrities from their biggest fans in the “Mailbox Clue.”

During each celebrity’s clue package, they also revealed what celebrity they were a fan of in their “Super Fan Super Clue!”

To add to the excitement, our guest panelist tonight was actor, comedian, writer, and former Marine Rob Riggle.

Get ready because we’re jumping right in:

Russian Dolls

Super Fan Super Clue: “Weird Al” Yankovic – He’s literally given them great directions in their lives.
Song: “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John
Mailbox Clue: “I was a fan of you individually, but when I saw you band together in person — Wow! Like I can’t even. Love you to the moon and back again.”

Rob guessed rock band Devo, Ken guessed band Savage Garden or Bare Naked Ladies, Nicole guessed Hansen.

Black Swan

Super Fan Super Clue: Cher – Both been a part of iconic family films and she was a part of Black Swan’s life since the very first time she shared her voice.
Song: Sang her own rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.”
Mailbox Clue: “You’re mega-talented. I’ll never forget when you were on Oprah and was so excited you recently got the major recognition you deserve. Love ya.”

Ken guessed singer Dua Lipa. Robin guessed Normani from 5th Harmony.


Clues: He’s more of a serious guy in real life, but the Piglet Mask helped him loosen up.
Super Fan Super Clue: Bruce Willis-Speechless when they met. The picture read “To: censored Leave me alone – Bruce.”
Song: “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder
Mailbox Clue: “Whether in my tv or in my headphones, I am so lucky I discovered you in the 90s, but I’ve never been jealous of your public relationships. P.S. I drew your picture.”

Jenny guessed Justin Timberlake. Ken guessed Jeremy Renner. Robin guessed Nick Lashay from. Rob guessed

Yeti: Last Wild Card standing

Super Fan Super Clue: Diddy- Yeti was fortunate enough to work with him and helped him reach the top of the mountain.
Song: “Bless The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts
Mailbox Clue: ” You are a true triple — nah — quadruple threat. I’m excited you stepped up with a Masked Singer legend, and I’m proud to be your biggest fan.”

Robin guessed Channing Tatum. Ken guessed Twista. Jenny guessed Neyo.
Cluedle-Doo: So far off with your Yeti guesses.


Super Fan Super Clue: Chameleon’s personal hero is Jackie Chan because he will always bring the rumble to the stage just like Chameleon.
Song: Drop it like it’s hot” by Snoop Dogg Ft. Pharrell Williams
Mailbox Clue:” Any friend of Martha Stewart’s is a friend of mine. I even saw you play at Madison Square Garden. I wish you only success.”

Nicole guessed Snoop Dogg. Rob guessed Blake Griffin. Ken guessed Yung Thug.

Ultimately, the audience felt The Russian Dolls didn’t quite make the cut after weeks of being fan favorites.

First Impression Guesses: Nicole guessed the cast from Glee but changed it to Hanson. Robin guessed the Black Eyed Peas but changed it to Sugar Land. Jenny first guessed Boyz II Men but changed it to Hanson. Ken guessed Donny and Marie Osman but changed it to Jonas Brothers. Rob guessed Hanson.

The Russian Dolls were unveiled to be the Pop Band Hanson. Nicole and Jenny now have another point towards winning the Golden Ear Trophy.

Next week is the Semi-Finals where the final four will be back to battle for the Golden Masked Trophy.

Will you know who’s behind the mask? Let us know locally, using #MS5STL.

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