MSD preparing for possibility of flash flooding


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – With so much rain predicted to fall in such a short time, folks were preparing for the possibility of flash flooding.

Russ Hoffmeyer of Crestwood remembers what happened last summer during a bout of heavy rainfall.

“You hear sirens and firetrucks come by; they block the street,” he said.

Heavy rains caused flash flooding near Grants Farm. Streets turned into torrents. Two cars were moved by the water. One person had to be rescued.

Hoffmeyer said flash flooding has occurred there several times over the years. He wouldn’t be surprised to see a repeat this weekend if there are heavy rains. He said neighbors know what to do.

“Basically, just detour and most people, if they’re from around here, they know where to go,” he said.

At the Metropolitan Sewer Department, as many as 10 vacuum trucks are out every day sucking trash and debris out of sewers to avoid backups and flooding. This weekend, they are prepared for possible flash flooding.

“We always have standby crews. But we’ve got a doubling of standby crews,” MSD spokesman Sean Stone said. “If it ends up being more of an issue than people can handle, we’ve got more people ready to come in.”

The folks at Woods Basement Systems said it is vital to keep rainwater draining away from your home.

“You don’t want the water pushing on the foundation wall either. So, it’s not just the leaks you’re worried about, maybe it’s structural foundation damage because the clay is pushing with that water against the foundation,” said Dave Thompson, a Woods Basement Systems spokesman.

And that can lead to big problems and repairs.


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