ST. LOUIS – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has requested a meeting with the police chiefs of St. Louis city and St. Louis County over vehicle pursuit policies.

The NAACP sent a letter Tuesday to John Hayden and Kenneth Gregory requesting action. The organization says seven people have died over the past month from crashes that involved drivers getting away from city or county police officers in pursuits.

One of the crashes happened over Mother’s Day weekend along Delmar Boulevard in west St. Louis, resulting in the deaths of five family members. Police say the victims were T-boned in a minivan by someone driving a stolen Jeep. FOX 2 has requested responses from both the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the mayor’s office about the crash and the resulting investigation.

The letter claims the crashes stemming from high-speed pursuits are part of an “urgent/unstable situation” and constitutes a “public safety emergency.” The NAACP wants clarification on police pursuit policies, including how such situations are supervised and officers decide when to use spike strips.

“We are requesting to meet as soon as possible to ascertain details with respect to your pursuit policy and gain insights about the supervision of such,” said Adolphus M. Pruitt and John Bowman in the letter, presidents of the St. Louis City and County NAACP chapters respectively.