Naked man jumps, screams about his “love for Jesus” before being tased in airport

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(CNN) – There was a chaotic scene at Atlanta’s airport that had passengers stopping in their tracks. A naked man jumped up and down and screaming until police tased him.

Atlanta police say this is 23 year old Derrick Weems fully undressed in Concourse A– Delta Gate 21.

It caused quite a scene and one passenger says Weems waved for his camera.

“He’s doing jumping jacks. He’s proud of what he’s got,” one witness said.

Police say when they encountered Weems, he started jumping up and down and screaming.

Witnesses say Weems was screaming about his love for Jesus and that he was going to heaven.

Police say they had to tase Weems because he was so erratic and for the safety of officers and passengers.

Some passengers say it took too long for police to arrive.

The say Weems was standing there naked for about 20 minutes or more.

But police say they got there in 7 minutes. Most people thought police handled the situation well and were glad it happened at the gate, and not on a plane.

Others wonder if Weems had some sort of mental breakdown.

“I feel bad for him because obviously you’re not right if you’re jumping up and down naked in the middle of an airport,” a witness said.

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