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CHICAGO — Amazon workers at two Chicago area facilities walked off the job to demand better working conditions.

The walkouts began early Wednesday morning at the facilities in Cicero and Gage Park. It is the first ever multi-site work stoppage at Amazon in the US.

Workers delivered a petition to Amazon management asking for increased staff and a wage increase of $3 for all employees at both facilities.

“We are walking out to demand raises, safe staffing, and other necessary improvements to our working conditions. Amazon has broken multiple promises for pay & bonuses, while inconsistently giving raises at different delivery stations where we do the same work,” said Ted Miin, a member of Amazonians United Chicagoland. “Amazon management continually cuts staff to key warehouse roles that result in unsafe working conditions for those of us who are forced to move too fast, overstrain our bodies, and walk over packages. We demand to be paid fairly for the heavy work that we do during overnight 10-hour Megacycle shifts through this ongoing pandemic, for Amazon to keep all of their promises for pay and bonuses, and for management to safely staff all necessary roles at every site.”

Amazon did not directly respond to the petition, only saying workers have a right to protest and that Amazon offered competitive pay and benefits.