BENTONVILLE, Ark. — The family of a man missing for almost 36 years finally reported the disappearance of Enoch Pennington.

“It’s not the norm for a family not to report a missing relative for a long time – but it does happen,“ said Benton County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Hunter Petray.

Petray said Pennington’s family recently filed the missing report.

The family is not suspected of foul play in Pennington’s disappearance, he said.

Petray said the last contact the family had with Pennington was at the end of May 1987.  In the almost four decades Pennington has not been seen, there is not a digital footprint concerning him, Petray said.

“There is no social security number showing a death or a social media account,” Petray said.

Some of Pennington’s siblings lived in another state and there was a family disagreement shortly before May 1987, he said.

“One of our concerns is Pennington is an unidentified John Doe in another state,” Petray said.

Petray said a DNA sample was collected from the family.  

Pennington lived in Rogers and Bentonville during that time and would currently be 59 years old.

If anyone has any information please contact Petray at (479) 271-1009 or email