ST. LOUIS — Coors Light will pay more than 5,000 drinkers to do its local advertising. 

The rules are to carve the Chill Harder logo into a pumpkin, draw it on a surface, or even paint the logo on the side of a barn. 

The bigger the logo, the more money. 

  • For small entries (6–30 inches) 5,000 people could earn $10.
  • For medium entries (50–90 inches), 100 fans could get $500.
  • To qualify for the title, billboard, and $50,000, craft a logo that spans 100 inches to 20 feet. 

The catch is that only one person will be paid the $50,000 and named the first-ever “Chill Harder Champ.” The winner will also get their work featured on a billboard in their hometown. 

Visit, to learn more. To see featured work, check out @coorslight on Instagram and Twitter. 

Entries can be submitted through 12/10/2022. The Chill Harder Champ will be chosen based on a variety of factors. 

The entry has to abide by the rules for the size of their Chill Harder logo, creativity, permanence, and relevance to the program.