The eagles that once decorated her Rock Island home were stolen. That won’t dampen Jessica Harmon’s pride in her country, but it has changed the way she shows it to the world.

The theft appears on surveillance video she’s sharing with the public.

At 8:52 a.m. Friday, a person walked up to her home and took two of eagle figures. About 11 a.m,. the vehicle – apparently with multiple people inside it – came back and someone took the other eagle from the porch.

“I was just in shock,” Harmon told Local 4 News. She called Rock Island Police immediately.

“Why those? Why not everything else? I had a lot of other stuff out there,” she said. “I don’t know why that’s the only three things that they wanted.”

House with eagles before theft (address covered.) (photo courtesy of Jessica Harmon)

She shared the videos with police and also on social media.

“I am a patriot,” Harmon said. “Every time I pull up (to her house), my heart drops a little bit.”

She had the figures since June or July. The two metal ones were on the ground by the steps and the other was ceramic, she said. She had other decorations on her home, too, but she has removed them. The American Flag remains.

Eagle on the house before the theft (photo courtesy of Jessica Harmon)

A police officer told Harmon to share her photos and video as much as possible, and she has. “Whoever stole my stuff should be held accountable for it,” she said. She hopes they face charges.

As for the eagles, “I’d like to get them back. But I don’t think I will,” she said. “I’ll just go buy more.”

Harmon’s interior decor reflects her patriotism, too, including American Flag pillows on her couch and a Christmas Tree with lots of red and white.

“It seems like a lot of people aren’t proud to be American anymore. And I am,” she said.

Harmon has faith that whoever took the eagles will be caught. She recommends that other people who have been considering cameras get them now. “Even when I’m out and about, I still check on my cameras,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rock Island Police seek the identities in those involved in the theft.

“It is believed the individuals drove an older blue Dodge Caravan with no front plate,” Rock Island Police say in a facebook post. “Anyone with information, please contact us at (309) 732-2677 or Crime Stoppers at (309) 762-9500 or using the P3 Tips app.”