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MISSOURI — Girl Scout Cookie sales are officially underway in southwest Missouri.

The girl scouts of the Missouri heartland officially kicked off cookie sales today, eight days earlier than the rest of the country. This year the girls are offering a new cookie: Adventurefuls.

They’re a brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored cream and a hint of sea salt. There are now twelve different flavors of Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scouts say the cookie sales provide them with all kinds of opportunities.

“My first trip that we ever took was St Louis, and we usually take a big trip and a small trip throughout, but I remember our big trips were St Louis, Colorado, New York and then our next trip is Europe and it’s in 2023 and it’s going to be very very exciting, because we chose the 10 day trip to Europe,” said Paloma Thorpe.

“You should support Girl Scouts because you are supporting women that are one day going to be like our world, they’re going to be our future, they are our future, currently and they are some for the best entrepreneurs that we know,” said Lauren Slamb with GSMH.