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WESTFIELD, N.J. (WPIX) — A Westfield, New Jersey home is where the real-life story of a family terrorized by threatening letters from an anonymous sender unfolded back in 2014. It would later inspire the hit series “The Watcher” on Netflix.

Currently, it’s serving as a backdrop to what neighbors of the Boulevard residence describe as never-ending photo ops from intrusive fans. Ashley Fardella was among the many who made the trek Thursday to snag her selfie.

“I am only on the second episode … I had to come right away,” Fardella said, adding that she is still trying to differentiate between the true story and Hollywood script. 

Roberta Blake and Karen Mastropaolo are also fans of the series, and traveled from Bergen County to get their photo. While both admit the trend is bothersome to neighbors, their curiosity meant they couldn’t stay away. 

“I feel for these people because everybody is coming in and out of the streets and I know some of the neighbors were complaining,” Mastropaolo said.

No one was home on Thursday afternoon but police tape and a barricade outside the house served as a clear message for passersby to stay away. Foot traffic and congestion apparently got so bad this past weekend, neighbors say police were called.

“I’ve seen a little bit more traffic and a little bit more parked cars. I mean it is an exciting thing,” resident Chris Scarponi said. “But nothing too crazy.”

In a timelapse video captured by Nexstar’s WPIX, approximately 40 cars stopped to snap a photo in a span of 10 minutes on Thursday afternoon. 

Neighbors say the biggest concern they have now is that Halloween will bring unprecedented congestion to the seemingly quiet neighborhood. 

WPIX reach out to the Westfield Chief of Police to get more information about the disturbances on Boulevard, and to see if any reports have been made, but did not hear back. The mayor also declined to comment.