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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.- Missouri Representative Crystal Quade shares how legislators and staff members received vaccines were intended for other state employees.

“I had a representative come up to me on the house floor and say, ‘I heard that we are supposed to go to Capitol Plaza Hotel and receive vaccines there for us and staff,” says Quade.

Quade also got a text from a state senator saying that vaccinations were happening. She then went to the hotel with her staffers and saw a long line of other lawmakers and staffers. Quade went to the check-in desk, and the organizers said yes for them to sign in to get the vaccine.

According to a report from the Associated Press, a team of vaccinators was in Jefferson City Wednesday giving shots to the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety employees. Word spread, incorrectly, that all state employees were eligible for the shots.

State health department spokeswoman Lisa Cox told the Columbia Missourian that all of the employees getting shots were in tiers approved for vaccinations.

Quade says there has been little communication from the administration on the basic information about who can receive the vaccine and where.

“A lack of communication and a lack of leadership on this rollout is really causing chaos, and it is causing people who desperately need them to not have access to them, folks who aren’t supposed to be getting them are told that they are. We just need some clarity from the administration,” says Quade.