ST. LOUIS – AMBER Alerts, part of a national system that offers information on child abductions, will soon appear on Instagram.

The social media platform is partnering with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to notify users of missing and abducted children on its platforms. Starting possibly as soon as this week, Instagram is planning to show AMBER Alerts with a photo and description of the missing child, along with a direct link to alert local law enforcement directly from the app.

The alerts are designated for people in a specific region or state near the site of the alert. When law enforcement activates an AMBER Alert, people in the designated search area will see it in their Instagram feed. The post will include a photo, description, location of last sighting, and other details that could help authorities in the search efforts.

If an Instagram user thinks they’ve seen the missing child, they can click on a link in their feed to call the local police department. They can also share the alert with friends to further spread the word.

“Instagram is a platform based on the power of photos, making it a perfect fit for the AMBER Alert program,”said Michelle DeLaune, President, and CEO at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in an announcement Wednesdat. “We know that photos are a critical tool in the search for missing children and by expanding the reach to the Instagram audience, we’ll be able to share photos of missing children with so many more people.”

The platform could send alerts to people based on the city you list on your profile, their IP address and location services. These alerts allow people wherever may be located on their phone, to be on the lookout. 

More than 1,100 children have been found safely since the AMBER Alert system was founded in 1996. Instagram’s plan to roll out AMBER Alerts becomes official on International Missing Children’s Day.