Kansas City area school orders Chiefs footballs, receives ball of wrong team


OLATHE, Kan. — Heritage Elementary School in Olathe ordered a set of Kansas City Chiefs themed footballs for students to use during PE.

When the package arrived, they were shocked to see that they actually received footballs covered in silver and black with the Las Vegas Raiders logo.

“You’re thinking, is this a joke? Or did Amazon do this on purpose?” Jay Parsons, PE teacher at Heritage, said. “I highly doubt it. I think it’s probably an honest mistake, but I’m thinking, we have some great Chiefs fans and we can’t have Raider Nation footballs in Chiefs Kingdom. We got to dispose of them somehow.”

Parson hopes some Chiefs fans will come to the rescue and make a donation to Olathe Public Schools Foundation to receive a Raiders football and dispose of as they see fit.

He is not sure where the efforts are with Amazon to replace them at this time.

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