Missouri roads to be widened if infrastructure bill passes


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — President Joe Biden’s plan with a $953 billion infrastructure bill is to improve roads across the country, including some here in Missouri.

The Ozarks Transportation Organization (OTO) is working with lawmakers and communities to determine the most pressing needs for our region.

“We have a very long list of unfunded needs, and so we stand ready to select projects if additional funding were available, and of course, we would welcome any additional money,” said Sara Fields, with the Ozarks Transportation Organization.

President Biden said the bill will make jobs and not impact those making a lower income.

“It will put people to work all across the country without raising a cent for earners below $400,000,” said Biden.

OTO said some of the biggest project needs in Missouri include:

  • Widening Interstate 44 through Springfield
  • Widening US 65 through the city of Ozark
  • Widening MM through Republic
  • Improving Kansas Expressway through Springfield

“We have no details on this infrastructure bill as far as dollar amounts,” said Fields. “Dollars for roads and bridges versus transit versus some other kind of infrastructure like broadband. But again, we welcome any additional transportation investment for our region.”

States, regions, and communities will be waiting to see how the nearly $1 trillion will help.

“We saw the report that was out maybe two weeks ago talking about how we are the fasted growing area in the state,” said Fields. “We are expecting that to continue and are working hard to plan for that growth.”

Some Democrats said the funds are too little; most Republicans think it’s too much.

Everything with the bill still has to go through the House and the Senate, which could last well through the summer and possibly into the fall.

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