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WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — In previous years, the National March for Life brings people from across the country to fight for the lives of the unborn. However, because of COVID-19, the march will look different. 

A statement on the March for Life website says “the annual rally will take place virtually and we are asking all participants to stay home and to join the march virtually. We will invite a small group of pro-life leaders from across the country to march in Washington, DC this year.” 

The small group is expected to gather at the National Mall and walk to the Supreme Court. 

Florida Senator Marco Rubio says he stands with their message. 

“Not because it’s an easy choice but because to me it’s the clear one. Because the right to live is the one right upon which all the other rights we claim depend,” Rubio said. 

Rubio says he wants to work with the president to fortify laws around childcare, but it starts from conception. 

“I believe what is at stake is our identity as a nation,” Rubio said. 

However, on Thursday, President Biden signed an executive order reversing former President Trump’s abortion access restrictions. 

“Undo the damage Trump has done,” said. “Protecting women’s health, at home and abroad.”

The order undoes things like the Mexico City policy, which bars U.S foreign aid from going to any organization that provides abortions or abortion counseling. 

Republican leader Mitch McConnell says the new administration needs to hear the marchers. 

“Executive orders can’t alter the basic science of human life,” McConnell said. 

The march will start at noon and a virtual pro-life gala will take place at 7 p.m.