New Burn Book game celebrates ‘Mean Girls’ Day on October 3


Mean Girls Day is on Sunday, October 3 and now fans of the movie can play a game inspired by one of the most iconic props in the film.

Mean Girls: The Party Game allows players to write in the Burn Book. Each player writes their name on a page of the Burn Book. It then gets passed around and each player secretly answers one question about each friend. Keep passing the book around until all of the questions about each player have been answered. Some of the questions tie back to the movie like:

  • What do they wear on Wednesdays?
  • What is their most embarrassing moment?
  • If they were crowned at the Spring Fling, who would be their partner?

Then on your own page, you pick your favorite answer about yourself and you guess who wrote it. The person who wrote the favorite answer gets a point and if you correctly guess who wrote the answer, you get a point.

Then everyone does the same thing for the answers that were written about them. The person with the highest score wins.

Mean Girls came out in 2004 and was made into a musical in 2017.

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