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There is a lot of buzz around The Batman movie and there is some unusual marketing surrounding the flick including by Oreo.

Adweek is reporting Oreo, owned by Mondeléz, has created a limited-edition cookie with the Batman’s silhouette on it. There is even a promotional film entirely made up of the special-edition Oreo and has iconic scenes from the franchise like the Bat Signal and Batmobile.

The campaign focuses on riddles, the signature weapon of the movie’s villain the Riddler. Fans who crack the riddles can get an inside look into The Batman universe. Adweek says the immersive digital experience allows users to virtually enter and explore the Batcave and discover secrets that were previously accessible only to Batman and his butler Alfred.

The cookies will be on shelves across several European markets. However, the digital campaign will also include interactive posts with riddles on Instagram that all can follow.

The Batman was supposed to be released in June 2021 but was delayed due to COVID. It will not be released on March 4.