Pizza vending machines coming to airports across the United States

Basil Street Automated Pizza Kitchen (APK)

Basil Street Automated Pizza Kitchen (APK)

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Automated Pizza Kitchens will start popping up at several airports across the United States soon. The kiosks will offer hot 10-inch thin-crust pizzas in cheese, pepperoni, and other flavors for around $13-15. Basil Street promises a brick-oven pizza experience in a fraction of the time.

The pizzas are all cooked to order in about three minutes without using a microwave. They are made from ingredients that have been flash-frozen to preserve freshness.

“Whether waiting to board a flight, between connections, or during late-night layovers, food selections are oftentimes limited or inconvenient due to long lines,” writes Basil Street CEO Deglin Kenealy. “We are proud to have begun expanding our portfolio with potentially 200 airport APKs being placed over the next 12-18 months.”

San Antonio International Airport will see the first automated pizza kitchen over the next few weeks. There are plans to install the kiosks at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Cincinnati/North Kentucky International Airport, Indianapolis International Airport, and others.

There are many more companies installing pizza vending machines across the United States and across the world. A Pizza ATM was installed on the campus of Ohio State University two years ago. They allow students to order pizzas without ever engaging with a person.

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