TIJUANA (Border Report) — The Berlin-based Falling Walls Foundation erected a monument just south of the border barrier over the weekend in Tijuana to send a message to the United States.

Known for donating large pieces of the former Berlin Wall to promote the dismantling of walls between countries, the foundation is asking the U.S. to stop building the border wall, including segments now under construction at the water’s edge just south of Imperial Beach, Calif.

“It was sent to then President Trump to remind him of the United States’ commitment to freedom, but he turned it down,” said Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico’s former foreign affairs minister and now a candidate for president. “This is a message to the U.S. to stop building walls.”

Marcelo Ebrard (white shirt) is Mexico’s former Foreign Affairs Secretary. (Jorge Nieto/Special for Border Report)

Ebrard was part of the dedication ceremony.

“It’s also a reminder of the 11 million Mexican nationals who can’t return to Mexico to visit family because of their migratory status,” he said. “This wall will fall,” in reference to the barriers that divide Mexico and the United States, “this metallic wall will come down.”

Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero also took part in the event.

She reminded people in attendance that her city is a sanctuary for migrants.

“Everyone is welcome, we don’t care about their nationality or migratory status,” said Caballero.

A portion of the former Berlin Wall is now a monument in Tijuana just south of the border. (Jorge Nieto/Special for Border Report)

The concrete segment weighs about 3 tons and is said to be about 12 feet high.

The donation was made possible by a grant issued by film producer Marcos Cline-Márquez.

It includes a plaque that reads: “Let this be a learning tool to build a society that knocks down walls and builds bridges of solidarity and understanding, always looking for a common good, social justice, liberty and brotherhood.”