ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Molson Coors is recalling packs of some of their most popular beers. Dierberg’s Markets in St. Louis posted the recall on their website. They say the brewer was alerted to an issue with the quality of some of their Coors Light and Keystone Light beers produced in Trenton, Ohio.

The beer is being pulled from shelves to “not disappoint consumers.” The brewer says that there are no food safety risks associated with the product.

Coors Light is responding to viral videos and comments posted on social media about a “thick and gelatinous” liquid in the cans. One Twitter user writes, “I opened a Coors Light tonight, mountains were blue, and it was the grossest consistency I could imagine. Thick and gelatinous. I’ve never seen or unfortunately tasted anything like it.”

“We are sorry to hear that! Please call us at 1-800-645-5376 so we can look into that for you. Cheers!!” tweets Coors Light to this comment and several other videos tagging them.

Dierbergs Markets has removed all lots of the following products from its shelves:

  • Coors Light 12 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-00048
  • Coors Light 18 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-30017
  • Coors Light 24 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-31600
  • Coors Light 30 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-30030
  • Keystone Light 15 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-48045
  • Keystone Light 24 Pack 12oz. Cans – UPC: 00-71990-48006