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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – One of the most popular costumes in the United States for Halloween this year is from a Korean show streaming on Netflix. One of the top Google search terms for Halloween Costumes is for the Squid Game.

It is no accident that the costume is so popular. The eerie show is number one on Netflix and is expected to be seen by 82 million subscribers worldwide since it was released on September 17.

About the show:

What is Squid Game? Netflix describes the show as, “Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.”

The show is like the Hunger Games movie and the Black Mirror shows. They offer a glimpse into a world that is a lot like our own but with a dystopian twist. The guards, soldiers, caretakers, sets, and locations are all very unique. The art direction in the show is spot on. The connection the main characters build with the audience and their stories seem oddly familiar.

The problem with the costume is that there is no “official” place to buy one. But, they do offer t-shirts and sweaters with images from the show. Netflix does not offer a costume and the show’s surprising success has left retailers rushing to offer something to meet the rising demand.

Buy Squid Game costumes here:

I’m not sure you will have much luck finding the costume at your local Halloween pop-up store. Searches on the websites for some of the top retailers show that Squid Game costumes are not available. But, Amazon has an entire section of costumes including masks and jumpsuits for the players and henchmen in the show. You can also purchase packages of complete Squid Game character sets from Ebay.

The players wear Vans triple-white shoes along with their teal jumpsuits. Google searches for the shoes have gone up 7,800 percent over the past month. You can still buy them on the brand’s website for $50. Demand at other retailers has also skyrocketed and some of the shoes are selling out.

The costume is so popular that you probably don’t want to wait much longer to order the parts. Prices will likely rise or the merchandise will sell out soon.

Don’t worry if you can’t buy the costume. Here are instructions to make the Squid Game costumes.