DAYTON, OH – Taco Bell will be testing a new meatless menu item in Dayton, Ohio next month. The fast food chain will be selling the “Beyond Carne Asada Steak.” The savory quesadilla is certified vegan, despite having the word “steak” in its name.

Beyond Meat is working with Taco Bell to help perfect this item. The developed a plant-based protein without GMOs or added hormones.

The meatless Beyond Carne Asada Steak is priced the same as a traditional steak quesadilla. You can also swap the meat out of any Taco Bell menu item to make it vegetarian. There is no additional cost to swap Beyond Carne Asada Steak for steak.

This menu item is only available at participating Taco Bells in Dayton, Ohio for a limited time only. The Carne Asada Steak will be on those menus starting October 13.