LAS VEGAS, Nev — With Chiefs season being over, Tyreek Hill is already getting in on some offseason fun.

Since the NFL Pro-Bowl is in Las Vegas, Hill, who was selected to his sixth pro-bowl, had time to visit the NHL All-Star game, which was also in Vegas.

It’s safe to say, he seemed to enjoy himself .

Hill was interviewed by ESPN’s Laura Rutledge during the game, when she asked him about his last place finish in the pro-bowl 40 yard dash.

Hill would use the question as bait to once again, challenge Usain Bolt to a race.

“I’m a cheetah baby, cheetahs don’t lose to lions. I don’t want to show the world what I really got, because I’m saving it all for Usain Bolt,” Hill said. “I’m baiting Usain Bolt into coming out of retirement to race me.”

After Hill’s challenge, he then proceeded to end the interview by crushing two Miller Lite beer cans together and spraying them across his face, in Stone Cold Steve Austin fashion.

You can watch the video of Tyreek here: Tyreek Hill challenges Usain Bolt to a race – YouTube