Wendy’s changes fries with a guarantee and a free frosty

Wendy’s Launches New Hot & Crispy Fry Guarantee

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Wendy’s is changing their fries and offering a guarantee that they will be hot and crispy. Their chief marketing officer says that they are the restaurant’s most important side item and customers deserve better than their competition is offering. To celebrate they’re offering a way to score a free Frosty when you order the fries.

Employees have been trained on the new equipment to make the revamped fries. They also tested 20 different cuts of potato to come up with the perfect fry. They describe them as the perfect balance of hot, fluffy potato with subtle crispiness.

Wendy’s is introducing The Hot & Crispy Guarantee to highlight how good they believe the new fries are. If your fries are not hot and crispy when you receive them the restaurant will replace them with no questions asked.

There is a bonus for people who like Frostys. To celebrate the new fries Wendy’s is offering a free small frosty when you order the new fries through their app.

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