ST. LOUIS — Beige Flag is a term trending on TikTok that offers a fresh perspective on how we share information about people. For instance, it is not a red flag, just an interesting or neutral fact that you can share about someone. reports that there are over 200,000 beige flag posts on TikTok.

“My boyfriend’s beige flag is that he sets timers instead of alarms. It’s midnight and he needs to wake up at 6? He’ll set a six-hour timer,” writes Cat.Elizabeth.

“My fiance’s beige flag is that she is never at 100% health. Shje’s either got a slight headache, is kind of tired, has a little tickle in her throat, feels a bit nauseous or has random pain somewhere on her body for no apparent reason,” writes The Life of Anna and Michael.

It is somewhere between positive and negative. The beige flag often relays the simple yet intriguing details that make us uniquely human. It’s a symbol of embracing the random, the quirks, and the idiosyncrasies that color our lives, reminding us that not everything needs to be classified as good or bad.

The beige flag encourages us to celebrate the ordinary in an extraordinary way in a world where extremes are frequently the norm, finding fascination in the everyday details that make each person an intricate tapestry of experiences and traits.