Why was there no Amber Alert for the two missing sons, father from Greene County?


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Two children went missing along with their father on Thursday, Feb. 25, but there wasn’t an Amber Alert issued. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, there was no Amber Alert because the case didn’t meet all of the criteria.

Because Darrell Peak was the father of the boys, it was believed the children weren’t in imminent danger.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Department said they found the bodies of the father and two sons who went missing on Thursday, Feb. 25.

Jason Winston, with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, said Darrell Peak and his sons, Mayson and Kaiden, were found Monday, March 1, not far from where they were last seen and reported to law enforcement. Winston said the father and two sons were found inside of a structure together.

Deputy Jason Winston, the public information officer of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, explained the process of issuing an Amber Alert.

“Individual law enforcement agencies don’t have the authority to just issue an Amber Alert,” said Winston. “We’ve approached the Highway Patrol on a few occasions with the information in an attempt to get an Amber Alert put out, but it has not met the criteria. The highway patrol wants to preserve that criteria because we want to protect the seriousness of Amber Alerts. We don’t want to issue Amber Alerts so much that the public becomes numb to it.”

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a Highway Patrol trooper in Benton County when the trooper stopped to check on Darrell’s car and he refused assistance. Twenty minutes after that, A Benton County deputy saw a man and two children walking along Highway 65, when she turned around to talk to them, she couldn’t find them.

Deputy Winston said those officers did what they thought was appropriate at the time.

“The deputy, or the Highway Patrolman that came in contact with the family or saw the family, but at that time, with the information they had, was none, we didn’t have any information at that time,” Winston. “They felt that their level of contact with the family was satisfying. It wasn’t that he was being neglectful and not contacting them, detaining them, making phone calls, etc. In law enforcement, we can only act on the information that we have. or things that we perceive. And obviously, these officers did not perceive that this man needed to be detained and further investigated upon.”


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