Native St. Louisan Cedric the Entertainer applauds The Salvation Army


ST. LOUIS – Native St. Louisan Cedric the Entertainer praises the charity of St. Louis’ people in an interview with The Salvation Army.

The home-grown star’s real name is Cedric Kyles, and he grew up in the Berkeley neighborhood. He currently stars in the CBS sitcom “The Neighborhood.” The show focuses on people of all ethnicities living near each other.

“If I could have placed the show in St. Louis, I would have,” Kyles said. “I do feel like St. Louis is a city I grew up in where – unfortunately for many years, it was very racially divided. In these recent years, you’re just starting to see the community coming together.”

Even though St. Louis is known for it’s racial divisions Kyles said that when St. Louisans see someone in need they’re quick to help out.

“St. Louis has always been that kind of town, that I can recall. We jump to it when people are down,” Kyles said. “It’s the kind of city that I believe people do recognize their neighbors. They recognize when people are down and out, and they just try to get involved. It’s a big city in the scope of things, but it feels like a small town. … Going back to being a kid, [we] would have to have rent parties to help families stay in their homes.”

He also started the Cedric the Entertainer Foundation in 1994 where he gives annual scholarships to young people. This foundation led to a Rosetta Boyce Kyles Women’s Pavilion at St. Louis’ SSM Hospital, named for Kyles’ mother who passed away from cancer in 2015. This experience made him passionate about helping those that are uninsured and under-insured.

“You don’t have to suffer because you think it costs too much,” Kyles said.

The Salvation Army also helps people in this situation through their Pathway to Health program. It provides medical services to underprivileged people and families without access to adequate health care.

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