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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Hip hop star Nelly who`s real name is Cornell Haynes was arrested on felony drug charges in Putnam County near Nashville Tennessee.

This all happened on Saturday morning after authorities say a Tennessee state trooper stopped the motor coach bus carrying Nelly and five other people for improper identification stickers.  That`s when the trooper noticed the smell of marijuana.

A search of the bus turned up a small amount of pot, drug paraphernalia, five crystal type rocks that tested positive for methamphetamine and three handguns. Investigators also say there were 100 small zip lock bags commonly used for drug sales on the bus. The driver was cited for not having a log book and documentation.

Another driver was called in to move the bus. Nelly’s attorney Scott Rosenblum says there was a large group of people on the bus before the stop.

Nelly posted a $10,000 bond and is out of jail. The bus was headed to St Louis for a stop on its way to Los Angeles when it was pulled over.

Brian Jones of St. Louis was also on the bus. The convicted felon was charged with unlawful possession of a gun.

Nelly`s attorney also says believes the charges won`t stick. He tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that:

“I think when the facts comes out, the alleged contraband will not be associated with Nelly,” prominent defense attorney Scott Rosenblum said Sunday morning. “I feel strongly about that.”

A court date is set for June 19th.