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From “House of Cards,” “Bridgerton,” “Queen’s Gambit,” to “Stranger Things,” streaming giant Netflix is renowned for producing or distributing shows that become the subject of watercooler discussion across the world.

A South Korean survival thriller has captivated millions of viewers, thanks to a clever, if outlandish plot about inequity and the risks desperate people are willing to take to escape financial ruin.

The nine-part series arrived on the streaming platform on Sept. 17. Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said the international thriller, produced by Siren Pictures Inc., has “a very good chance…to be our biggest show ever.”

According to Flix Patrol, “Squid Game” is currently the most popular television show on Netflix as of Oct. 7. It’s ranked number one in the United States and nearly all countries since the start of the month.

Without giving too much away, the show follows 456 people in dire straits who have agreed to play a series of childhood games for a chance to win 45.6 billion won. You can watch the trailer below to get a better sense of what viewers will be in store for.

But the success of the show and interest in the main characters’ plight has people turning to their search engines to learn more about Korean currency – won.

Won is the official currency of South Korea and comes as coins or paper banknotes. The modern notes feature famed people in Korean history on the front and artwork on the reverse side.

So how much is 45.6 billion won in U.S. dollars? A single won is equivalent to $0.00084 (that’s 84 hundred-thousandths of a dollar), meaning 45.6 billion won is $38,275,101.91. That’s a nice chunk of change.