New allergy therapy for those afraid of getting shots

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ST. LOUIS – There’s new hope for allergy sufferers especially those who are afraid of getting allergy shots.

It’s called oral immunotherapy. Doctors say it’s good for those adults and kids who are always on the go and don’t really have time to get to the doctor’s office regularly for their allergy shots.

You’d still take a standard allergy test to determine your triggers and, from there, doctors would mix up a concoction of those allergens in liquid form. You’d put those drops under your tongue.

The goal is that small doses of what you’re allergic to will help your body build up a tolerance. This oral method has been used in Europe for a while now, but it’s starting to make its way to the United States and doctors at SLU Care are some of the first in the region to use this method.

Doctors say they would still want to do the first couple doses an office to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction.


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