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BELLEVILLE, Ill. — Eckert’s Farms has developed a new apple that’s available at all Schnucks locations.

The new EverCrisp apple is a cross between a Fuji and Honeycrisp. Eckert’s has worked closely with the Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA) to develop the fruit over the past 10 years.

After years of continually increasing the number of EverCrisp trees planted in their orchards, Eckert’s is now one of the first farms in the country to source the apples to grocery stores.

“We were one of the few farms to test grow this apple over a decade ago, and now, thanks to our partnership with Schnucks, a larger audience can try the EverCrisp,” said Chris Eckert, the president and CEO of Eckert’s Farms. “It has been very well received, and we suspect that it will be one of our top selling apples in the future.”

Eckert’s said it took several years to grow the trees to produce the EverCrisp apple once the seedling was discovered. By 2013, the family-owned farms had planted over 1,000.

There are now more than a million EverCrisp trees grown throughout the world, but Eckert’s is one of the first farms in the country to introduce the apple to the masses.