Another Blippi? New actor appears in YouTube video


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Blippi is one of YouTube’s biggest stars with over 12 million subscribers. Kids may have noticed something different over the weekend. The actor playing the role of Blippi was different.

Stevin John, the man who came up with the Blippi character, has appeared in hundreds of YouTube episodes. Since he started posting in 2014 there have been over 9.5 billion views of his videos on YouTube. This has turned his character into a household name and there is now Blippi merchandise available at many stores.

Some fans want to know if the new actor will be featured in more videos. It appears that Stevin John will be in future episodes. But, the new actor will also be in other videos posted to the account.

A post to the brand’s Facebook page Friday teased the change:

“Due to popular demand we are bringing more Blippi from The Live Show to you all! 🤩 Don’t miss the launch of ‘Learn with Blippi’ tomorrow on Blippi’s YouTube channel. Who’s ready!?”

A commenter on Blippi’s Facebook page appears to have an answer for the change:

“He’s not the new Blippi. He just fills in for him sometimes, usually for live performances. I don’t get why everyone is freaking out accusing him of being a sellout. He’s still making videos. Relax!😄

That makes a lot of sense because another actor will fill in for Blippi during live performances. Most parents expect to see Stevin John at every show.

This is a statement posted to Blippi the Musical’s website:

“Stevin John is the creator of Blippi and acts as the writer and creative force behind the Blippi character. Now that Blippi has evolved as a character he is excited that a dynamic stage performer has been cast as Blippi to entertain and thrill audiences across all of the tour markets.”

You will likely see Stevin John in more videos soon. The Blippi account posts several videos per week.

In June 2020 Moonbug Entertainment bought Blippi. They added Blippi to a portfolio of kids YouTube brands that include Little Baby Bum and Cocomellon. Together they have $235 million subscribers. The acquisitions were funded by 120 million from a group of investors.

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